Digital Shade Matching

Digital Shade Matching

In order to maximize esthetic results in the anterior, Nakanishi Dental Laboratory provides a two part customized shade service. Proper shade matching frequently requires both ClearMatch® digital shade selection (Part ONE) and also Custom Staining (Part TWO) in our laboratory.

Part ONE

Initial photo survey and ClearMatch® digital shade selection With a Nakanishi Color specialist, this is a 15-minute photographic process done at our laboratory. Shade appointments may be scheduled Monday through Friday, between 8:00am to 12:00pm. We also accept photos taken by the office which can be sent to shade at

Note: Please do not send patients immediately after clinical appointments if the teeth are dehydrated. Also, patients should have completed any bleaching procedures at least two weeks in advance of this service.

Part TWO

Custom Staining (necessary for optimal results in 5-10% of cases) Occasionally, after the crown is completed using our ClearMatch® digital shade selection process in part one, esthetics can be further improved by Custom Staining. This is a 45-minute appointment and requires the crown to be tried in and removed by the patient for ceramic firing and custom staining. Custom Staining appointments may be scheduled Monday through Friday, between 8:00am and 12:00pm, at our laboratory and advance notification is greatly appreciated.

Notice: All patient "In Lab" custom staining and shade taking procedures are suspended until further notice.

This change is being implemented to further limit non-essential patient and staff interactions.

Note: We cannot remove cemented or screw retained implant crowns and patients must be willing and able to remove and replace their own crowns.