Nakanishi Dental Lab accepts intraoral scans for most implant systems. If you have any questions about scanners or scan body compatibility, please do not hesitate to contact to us.

Guided Surgery

Never stress over a complex implant case again by partnering with the expert team at Nakanishi. We will assist you with comprehensive case planning and guided surgery. Our team will work with your throughout the entire process to aid you in determining the best plan for your patient and case. Our guided surgery service is supported by surgical guides as well as innovative digital dentistry technology.

What we need:

  • Digital STL file or traditional impression/model
  • CB/CT scan in a DICOM file (delivered digitally, on a CD, or thumb drive)


  • We will need 1-day to scan the case if a traditional impression/model is used.
  • Once both DICOM and STL files have been received by lab, doctor will need to set up a Webex™ video consultation by calling or emailing (we schedule these consultations Monday through Friday 9:30a – 12:30p).
  • Once Webex™ consultation is completed, we will deliver a surgical guide stent with sleeves and a surgical report 3-days later.