Zenostar® / IPS e.max ZirCAD


With a recent name change, IPS e.max ZirCAD (formerly Zenostar), is our full contour zirconia combining outstanding opalescence with incredible flexural strength, as well as improved hydrothermal anti-aging properties. This high strength monolithic zirconia restoration is computer designed and milled using the latest in digital restorative technology. Select ZirCAD for its precision fit, 1200 MPa strength, tooth shade and cementable quality. This is the least translucent zirconia; excellent for molar use but not typically suitable in the anterior.  Guidelines Updated 06.17.19

Indications: Posterior and bridge work. Cementable over most dark stump shades and metal implant abutments with minimal bleed through.
Contra-indications: Not typically suitable in the anterior region due to limited translucency and exacting shade control.
Preparation: 0.6mm minimal reduction occlusally, axially with 0.8mm champher margins preferred for best fits.
Seating: Cementable with any conventional crown and bridge cement.
Shade Guide: Best suited for bleach shades, A1, A2, A3, B1, B2, B3, C1 and 1M1 through 2R2.5.
Additional: Our ceramists are able to layer e.max® porcelain to the facial incisal surface for better esthetics with an additional charge.

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