BellaTek® Encode®


Zimmer Biomet offers one of implant dentistry’s most comprehensive lines of implants and abutments. The Encode® abutments have codes embedded in the occlusal surface that provide the information necessary for the ideal margin height and natural emergence contours. This creates an incredibly precise fit.

As a BellaTek® Encode® Empowered Laboratory, we have license to scan, design and manufacture genuine (OEM) BellaTek® Encode Definitive Abutments, which potentially improves lead times and creates efficiencies in the digital workflow. As a licensee of BellaTek® Encode® technology, we have received training and certification through Zimmer Biomet.

PDF Download:

Zimmer Biomet BellaTek® Encode® manual

Zimmer Biomet BellaTek® Encode® Impression System Brochure

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