Notice: The laboratory new hours are M-F 8am-2pm where pick-up/drop-off is available anytime. No face-to-face services are offered currently (including custom shade & stain). Route driver delivery/pick-up service is available once daily. "Same-day" denture repair/reline is available for pick-up at the laboratory or delivered next day.

Repair and Relines

Repair and Relines

When the time comes for your patient's prosthetics to get relined or rebased, contact the Nakanishi team. We will quickly reline/rebase the denture to provide improved comfort and function.


  • Same-Day Repair
  • Same-Day Hard Reline
  • Hard Reline
  • Repair
  • Soft Reline
  • Rebase


  • Same-Day Reline
  • Reline
  • Repair/Additions to Framework
  • Laser Weld
  • Metal Reinforcement