Quality Certifications

Providing high-quality dental restorations has been our focus since we first opened our doors in 1953. Quality certifications, such as DAMAS and CDL, are just another way for us to provide our clients with peace-of-mind that the restorations they receive from us not only look and fit great but are made using the highest quality materials and production processes.

In 2011, Nakanishi Dental Laboratory underwent an extensive third-party audit to become Washington State's FIRST privately-owned laboratory to hold the distinguished DAMAS accreditation. DAMAS is a voluntary third-party inspection of every aspect of the dental laboratory, including equipment, materials, personnel, and processes. DAMAS is an international certification administered in North America by the National Association of Dental Laboratories.

Nakanishi Dental Laboratory has been a Certified Dental Laboratory (CDL) since 1968. This certification is administered by the National Board for Certification in Dental Laboratory Technology to dental labs that maintain their facilities in accordance with the requirements set forth by the National Board for Certification.

DAMAS Certification benefits for clients of Nakanishi Dental Laboratory:

  • We have a system for tracking and controlling the manufacturer's lot number for all the materials used in every patient's restoration.
  • All the materials used in our products have been verified as FDA registered.
  • Our laboratory equipment has been maintained and inspected above and beyond industry standards and used strictly within the manufacturer's guidelines.
  • We have one of the best complaint handling systems in the industry for tracking, investigating, and resolving any issues from our clients.
  • Overall, it means we're able to provide our clients with the same, high-quality products and services, with a third-party guarantee that our materials, equipment, technicians, and processes are of the highest caliber in the industry.