Nakanishi offers valuable appliances that can help increase patient satisfaction. We provide Essix retainers, flippers, bleach trays, sports guards, and nightguards that can maintain your patient's smile and safeguard their confidence.

Essix Retainers

Our team fabricates our Essix Retainers out of high-quality, translucent plastic. If your patient has received orthodontic treatment, these retainers are a stabilization appliance to maintain their straight smile. They are also a temporary restoration for tooth replacement after implant surgery. The Essix Retainers are tissue-borne, which help prevent irritation around the surgical site. Teeth may shift over time, and with Essix Retainers from Nakanishi, you can ensure your patient's investment is long-lasting.

Transitional Treatment Partial (Flipper)

The flippers that are available from our lab team are crafted out of high-quality denture acrylic. These transitional treatment partials are ideal for patients who have lost one to multiple teeth. There are numerous benefits that come with flippers. Flippers are esthetically pleasing and functional on a limited basis. They are typically used on an interim basis while surgery or implants are healing. Flippers make it easier to eat, are conveniently removable, and prevent surrounding dentition from shifting.

Bleach Trays

If your patient is interested in whitening their teeth, Nakanishi offers custom-made mouth trays for bleaching treatments. These patient-specific trays are crafted to be worn for an extended period of time and increase the comfort of your patient for a more effective procedure.

Sports Guards

Sports Guards are an excellent solution for both professional and amateur athletes to protect their teeth whether on the field, rink, or in the ring. Expertly created, they offer the highest level of protection possible during athletics. Sports Guards can prevent dental trauma, including fractured teeth due to their occlusal thickness.


The ProForm® laminate was originally developed by a dentist to provide superior intra-oral protection for NHL hockey and NFL football players. According to the Journal of the American Dental Association, over five million teeth are lost annually in sports-related injuries. The unique two-layered construction provides retention, protection and comfort beyond other materials.
Colors available: Clear, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Red-White-Blue combo, White


Nakanishi's team understands the importance of protecting your patient's dentition and restorations. We provide several nightguard options that will aid in eliminating the negative outcomes of nighttime bruxism. We offer Ivocap®, Talon®, Impak, and Gelb nightguards. These nightguards vary in hardness and comfort, so you can find a guard that will perfectly suit your patient's level of bruxism. All of our nightguards are completely BPA free. Each nightguard is sent out with patient care instructions for nightguard maintenance.

Please send us upper and lower digital or traditional impressions, or the models and a bite.

"With our comfortable nightguards, patients won't grind their dreams away at night. Try the new glittered and rainbow color selection to sparkle up the night and their smile."

Sabina Diez Berger
Nightguard Department Manager
KeySplint Soft™ 3D-Printed Nightguard Clear

This digitally designed nightguard offers more consistent fit than alternative bruxism treatments. Through the use of our state-of-the-art Carbon 3D printers, the KeySplint Soft™ is fabricated faster than traditional injected acrylic nightguards. Crafted out of the innovative, FDA-cleared KeySplint Soft™ resin, this nightguard is biocompatible, strong, and flexible. Our team archives the design file, which allows for easy refabrication if your patient ever needs a replacement.
Colors available: Clear only


The Ivocap® Night Guard utilizes an injected system that results in a very clear and dense solution that will not stain. It is adjustable and repairable.
Colors available: Clear, Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple
NEW Glitter Colors available: Gold, Silver


The hard/soft night guard from Talon® has a gentle thermoplastic inner liner that conforms to the patient's tooth structure when warmed to body temperature. The Ivocap® injected hard outer layer shell is very dense and will not stain.
Colors available: Clear, Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple
NEW Glitter Colors available: Gold, Silver


Impak is used for the active nocturnal bruxer and is composed of a unique elastic acrylic resin that becomes flexible under warm water, making it easier to insert and when the material cools to intraoral temperature it becomes hard enough to protect the patients teeth and restorations.
Colors available: Clear only


Gelb is a flat plane mandibular nightguard, with occlusal coverage over the posterior teeth and acts to increase vertical dimensions for treatment of closed-lock cases and reposition of the mandible. A metal lingual bar is used as a major connector for the bi-laterally occlusal pads that sits lingually which allows for plenty of tongue room. Dr. Harold Gelb, was the first to design an appliance related to the treatment of the TMJ.
Colors available: Clear, Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple
NEW Glitter Colors available: Gold, Silver